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Willie Thorpe
C.E.O / Owner

I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and have always lived my life with an upbeat swing. I grew in a single family home and saw my mother work every day to make sure me, my sister, and brother had the best things in life. I grew up middle class but something was always missing , and that was my father. I struggled with that for a while and ended up going down the wrong path. When I hit rock bottom, I turned to one person that could help me and that was God.

Building a relationship with God gave me purpose and hope again to do the things I always dreamed about. I went back to school and got my associate's degree and then my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. But something was still missing and hit me, I love to model and to teach modeling. As I was doing shows for other people, I said to myself, "you can have your own business". I walked out on faith and started my company, Rogue Fashen Modeling & Talent.

I have coached for over 15 years, all over NC, and now I can share my gift with the world. There were a lot of struggles and I have been knocked down many times on this journey, but every time I pushed through and God gets the Glory.

On numerous occasions, my models have been showcased in New York Fashion Week, Durham Fashion Week, the Super Bowl Weekend Fashion Show, and much more. To bring awareness and the importance of not being tested on breast cancer, I started the NC Fashion Expo (Breast Cancer Awareness) fashion show. Women are our queens and I wanted to do my part to let women know that men care. We are all affected when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer and I have become an advocate for all. I am also an advocate for people who suffer from substance abuse, homeless men, women, and children. I believe that no matter what a person goes through, someone should lend a helping hand.

I have seen my dreams come true and if I can help one person’s dream come true, I have done my job. My motto to my models: "If you can dream it, believe it, then you can do it and if you put God first in all that you do, He will make all your dreams come true.

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